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Momentum Fastpitch

Upcoming Camp

   Catching Fundamentals

Coach Scott and Coach J will also run stations on fielding mechanics.

Player Camps

After the showcase season has ended (late November), momentum will host camps, free of charge for all momentum players.  The goal of these camps is to provide extra training in targeted areas. Below is a list of coaches your children will have the opportunity to learn from.

Camps will be held on the 2nd Saturday of December, January, February, and March.  The first camp will be December 8th, from 10-1!

Angel Shamblin - University of Houston

Jessica Valis Shimek - University of Houston

Haley Madison Melton - UT Tyler

Tanelda McDonald - Mississippi State University

Ruby Nugent - Florida A&M University

Iver McDonald Robinson - University of Oklahoma

Kristen Cuyous - A&M University

Sloan Walker - Ohio University

Thomas Solano - Stephen F. Austin University

Brittany Woods - UT Dallas