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Momentum Fastpitch

Heads Up Baseball Mental Training

Heads Up Baseball Mental Training Program

Come here each week to find your Next Mental Training workshop.

We are providing this great workshop to all of our Momentum Fastpitch teams.

Each week you can download the worksheet, then click the link to see the video.

Each session is about 10-12 minutes long but has a ton of great information to help you become a better player.

1.  Competeing is a Skill you can Learn.
     Worksheet:  Downlaod session #1

2.  The 3 Levels
      Worksheet: training-2-action-guide.pdf

3.  Responsibiity
     Worksheet: video-3-training-guide.pdf

4.  Respnsibility #2
     Worksheet:  video-4-trainign-guide.pdf

5.  Awareness
     Worksheet:  Downlaod session #5

6.  Mission
    Worksheet:  Downlaod session #6

7.  Preperations
     Worksheet:  Downlaod session #7

8.  Compete
     Worksheet:  Downlaod session #8

9.  Pitching
     Worksheet:  Downlaod session #9
     Bonus Pitching Videos:
          1. Your Pre-Pitch Routine: What to Do Between Pitches:
          2. Yellow Light Routine: Focal Point

          3. Taking it from the Bullpen to the Game

          4. What to Do Between Innings

          5.  How to Get Back to Green Between Innings

10.  Hitting
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #10

         Bonus HITTING Videos
         1. On the Bench and When at AB Begins:

         2. On Deck

        3. At the Plate #1

        4. At the Plate #2

       5. At the Plate #3

       6. Quality Practice part #1

       7.  Quality Practice #2

11.  Defense
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #11

         Bonus Defense Videos
         1. The Essentials

         2. Releasing the Yellow Light

12.  Practice
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #12

13.  Trouble Shooting
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #13

14.  The 12 Strategies
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #14

15.  Heads Up Life
      Worksheet:  Downlaod session #15
      Video: h

16.  Why you CHOKE under pressure