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Day 1 to Becoming a Better Team

1.) What are the 4 ways to develop a winning mindset?
2.) What is your plan to implement this for yourself and the team?.

How to Be a Step Ahead

5 Extra Traits of an “A” Softball Player

To this date, I have not read a better explanation to give a softball player than the popular phrase of “Run hard, Turn left; and then Strike accurately”. The phrase seems to give all the major characteristics all baseball players should strive to possess. Basically, all softball players know the need for speed, accuracy and strict observance of the game flow. However, there are still some skills that only experts earn with experience. This edition will provide a list of different traits all winning softball players often exhibit.

Hard-nosed Game Persistence

It is a common slogan among softball players to “seek and destroy”. In the pitch, an expert player can never get discouraged. She will often have the bad feeling when their team makes the wrong moves. A perfectly good softball player will often need no motivation at all. She will always expect victory even when the sign of defeat is as clear as noon day. The good girls in softball will certainly enjoy “stealing”. As such all pro-softball-players should always have a dream of never to show a white feather.

She has a Softball IQ

Persistence never scores always. The true softball guru has to learn other game tricks and their application. Coaches often strive to train players varied tactics that can be used to counter competing teams. Nonetheless, most softball and baseball tricks are greatly predictable than many people could imagine. As such, a true player will learn to be unpredictable as the spring weather. Softball is not just physical but also mental. So, you can teach your eyes to look left, but strike to the right perfectly.

Keen to Learn the Competitors’ Game Moves

I call this the secret of outdoing. Perhaps, the greatest motivation to a team is scoring. But in order to score, a player has to learn an extra skill of studying a few key players in his/her competitors’ team. From a couple of moves, a player can observe and craft means of outplay, outwork, outlast then eventually outdo competition without a hiccup. This skill should never be used by one who takes time to grasp the moves and it should take an extremely limited time (about the first 5 minutes into the game) to predict moves. Lengthy durations can work against you. However a player who masters this skill perfectly will always carry the day.

Always Keeps Perfect Balance in the Game

Nothing is more embarrassing for a fast-pitch softball player than a wrong swing. A wrong swing translates to direct miss when throwing. Worse, the swing leads to loss of a player’s equilibrium and ultimately the loss of esteem. That means defeat. A good softball player should have an understanding of her weaknesses and practice regularly to make it right. Even so, if one misses the balance, she should learn not to lose face with the game before the last whistle.

Has a Natural Passion for the Game

Softball loves its fanatics. A true softball player is also the game’s best fan. I have personally never encountered a softball game without noise from players. A good player should learn to live the game. She should put on the uniform correctly, make the perfect body movements and cheer her teammates as if it is a game requirement. She should show persistent confidence and determination for excellence always.

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